• Grupo Villar Mir

    Grupo Villar Mir

    HOLDING DIVISION: Grupo Villar Mir is set up as a sum of different companies, each with its own identity and great management autonomy, with an extremely reduced corporate structure, to limit as much as possible the horizontal relationships between companies in the daily running of each company.

  • Grupo FerroAtlántica

    Grupo FerroAtlántica

    ELECTROMETALLURGY DIVISION: Grupo Ferroatlántica is the worldwide leading producer of silicon metal (17% of the world´s production) and one of the most important producers of ferroalloys in the world.

  • Villar Mir Energía

    Villar Mir Energía

    ENERGY DIVISION: VM Energía is the head of the Villar Mir Group for its activity in the energy sector. Grupo Villar Mir has been present in the energy sector since its creation, although the overall weight of the energy activities inside the Group has been quite limited.

  • Grupo Fertiberia

    Grupo Fertiberia

    FERTILIZES DIVISION: Fertiberia is a company that manufactures fertilizers and industrial chemical products, being a recognised leader in the Spanish market and the European Union, in which Grupo Villar Mir has a 99.83% interest. It has 5 plants in Spain and serves customers throughout Spain and abroad.

  • Inmobiliaria Espacio

    Inmobiliaria Espacio

    REAL ESTATE DIVISION: Promociones y Propiedades Inmobiliarias Espacio, S.L.U. is a 100% subsidiary of Grupo Villar Mir. It was created in June 2000 through the contribution of the real estate business that until such time had been handled directly by Inmobiliaria Espacio, S.A. since its creation in 1972.

  • Torre Espacio

    Torre Espacio

    REAL ESTATE DIVISION: Torre Espacio Castellana, S.A.U. is a 100% subsidiary of Grupo Villar Mir and the owner of Torre Espacio, an exclusive building for office rental, with 60,142 m² on 52 floors above ground and 1,173 parking slots below ground, according to the project drawn up by the internationally known studio, Pei, Cobb, Fred & Partners, of New York.

  • OHL - Obrascon, Huarte y Lain S.A.


    CONSESSIONS, CONSTRUCTION AND SERVICES DIVISION: OHL is a large, international concessions and construction company traded on the stock market, with business activities throughout Spain and abroad, either directly or through its numerous subsidiaries, with relevant presence in the private development of infrastructures (concessions).


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Ferroatlántica &
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