Main objetives

Main objectives for 2017-2021


Electrometallurgy Division

• Acquisition of a stake in manganese, quartz or reducing agents mines in Africa and/or South America.

• Development/acquisition of new silicon metal and/or ferroalloy production plants to consolidate the company’s presence around the world and its leadership in the silicon metal sector. 

• Launch of solar-grade silicon metal manufactured using electrometallurgy procedures onto the market. 


Energy Division

• Construction of three new hydroelectric power plants on the Jallas river (Spain) with total installed power of 20 MW.

• Construction/acquisition of wind farms in Spain.


Fertilizer and Basic Chemicals Division

Grupo Fertiberia

• The search for opportunities for growth in countries with good structural conditions for fertilizer production or with agricultural markets with strong potential. 


Real State Division

Inmobiliaria Espacio

• Execution of the Canalejas Project.

• Progress on the Quinta Torre Project. 

• Looking for opportunities to grow in the rental property market.   


Construction, Concessions and Services Division


 Infrastructure concessions. Presence in México, Spain, Chile, Perú and Colombia; and interest in new regions such as the US and Canada.

• Construction. Significant presence in 8 “Home Markets” Spain, Central and Eastern Europe, US, Canada, México, Colombia, Perú and Chile..

 Industrial. Design and construction of large turnkey industrial projects.


Other Subsidiaries

• Consolidation of the international development of typical traditional precast concrete activities and wind turbine shafts, mainly in Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.